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Whether your goal is to lose fat, gain muscle or just find a sustainable groove with your fitness and body composition goals...Dōse delivers. With information that is backed by evidence based practices, we skip the fluff and get straight to your body goals.

"It is ok to want to look awesome...and feel awesome. It is not ok, to waste every waking moment to get there."   

App features

Custom Macros

Custom Macros based on your current goals. No additional fees. Tracking explanations included!

Chalk Talks

If you have an extra minute to learn, Thoren takes the time to walk you through some concepts that will make you an expert...but he also keeps it accessible. 


Life happens. We have the tools to both strengthen joints, bounce back and help prevent injuries.

Group 9049.png

Thoren is known for a balance of creativity and tried and true exercise selection. We have more than enough programs to keep you busy. 


No gym? Not ready to join one? We got you!

Ask Thoren

Have any questions? Ask Thoren directly and he'll give you the answers you need.

Programs designed for you

Multiple programs for home and gym all accompanied by a video to show you exactly what you are supposed to be doing.

Written versions are also provided for times when you don't need to watch each video.


Find out what all the hype is about!


"I feel sustained, energized, and like I have finally found what WORKS for me with EASE."




"a world class fitness trainer in your pocket who offers not only science based workout plans but also regressions, therapies, and sagacious advice on diet and macros." 




"Since I started about a month ago I've lost 25 pounds with the changes I've made."





You may have found Thoren from his appearances on your social media "FYP". But Thoren's professional experience spans many areas of expertise. He has experience as an NCAA Division 1 strength and conditioning coach, Functional Movement Screener (FMS), tactical health and fitness training for SWAT and the police force, corporate wellness, published in academia, and writer for His lifestyle may have started rurally, but he put in some serious time to build his resume. 

While pursuing his Master's in Exercise Physiology from The University of the Pacific, he received the honor of "Student of The Year" for both his Masters Degree and Undergrad. 

His passion is now to help people shape their lifestyle, bodies, and minds to fit their goals in a sustainable way without giving power to compulsive behaviors.

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  • How much does it cost to join Dōse?
    The Dōse app is $15.99/month or $99.99/year. You can save with the annual plan - it's only $8.33 a month or only $0.27 a day.
  • How is the Dōse app different?
    We use a much less randomized approach to your fitness goals....we don't just throw reps and sets at you with the expectation that you will grow and strengthen from that approach. Periodization and strength increases don't work in a linear fashion. We need to introduce an appropriate "dose" of variation into your routine to guide the body into states of change and adaptation. We do so with undulation in volume, sets and exercises throughout your programs. No more pulling random exercise routines from a carousel on instagram.
  • What should I do during the 7-day free trial?
    Stop wasting time...start a program right away! Bare minimum you can get an amazing week of workouts!
  • What if an exercise is too hard for me, or I just need a replacement exercise? 
    All exercises are shown step by step by Thoren. On top of that, premium members have access to 1:1 coaching from Thoren using our chat feature in the app. Thoren has years of experience with MANY different levels of fitness. Thoren will work with you to help you solve problems throughout your journey.
  • Does the app provide bodybuilding, CrossFit or bodyweight training?
    Here is the take home message. Fitness is fitness. And no discipline is perfect, nor is any discipline innately bad. We take principles from all walks of fitness and we use them to expedite results. No methodologies are off the table. All of them bring value. You will see many different components in your journey. But our MAIN focus is to improve your body composition, increase muscle mass and minimize time input in the gym.
  • Does the app include training for women?
    Absolutely! In fact, Thoren has a ton of experience training Women of all ages and skill ranges. (NCAA, Corporate Wellness and even Tactical Strength and Conditioning).
  • How do I report a bug or tech problem?
    If you are experiencing technical issues within the app, please contact our team at and we can look into this as soon as possible for you!
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